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NOTICE: If you would like to check the status of a current order you must first login to your account. Once logged into your account you can click on the "order status" link that will then appear at the top of all pages or you may click on account history from within the "my account" section.

Processing: Your order and payment have been received and your order is now being processed. The Family History Store strives to process orders in the fastest time frame possible. Processing time for in-stock orders is usually 24-72 hours.
(Please note: Some items are custom made to order and require additional processing time. Please see our shipping and returns page if you have any questions.)

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Pending: Your order information has been received, but is still pending another step before we can process it. Generally this means that we are still awaiting your payment.

Back Order: The allotted shipping time has passed and one or more of the items in your order are currently not available. Back Order items will be shipped immediately upon their arrival.
(Please note: If you're your item is in back order you have 3 options to choose from, you may either wait for the item(s) to come in, you may request a substitution of equal value, or you may request a refund for that item.)

Shipped w/Back Orders: Your partial order has left our facilities and has been sent to you. Your order contains items that currently unavailable. Back ordered items will be shipped immediately upon their arrival.

On Hold: There is a problem with your order and we are waiting for a response from you. Please contact us to correct the situation.

Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled. If you have been charged anything your money has been, or will be refunded.

X Credit Card Declined: Your credit card has come back as "declined" and you have not been charged. Unless you contact us and provide an additional payment method your order will not be processed.