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Census Timeline Tracking Sheets - 20 PK - Green

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Product Description

Census Timeline Tracking Sheets - Green
Part of the Color Track System™
by Kindred Trails, Inc.

[Sample images shown in blue]

A CENSUS TIMELINE TRACKING SHEET is an 11" x 17" horizontal form designed for tracking an ancestor's household across multiple census years. The form is designed for use beginning with the 1850 census through 1930+ when all persons residing in a household are listed individually. By viewing a household across many census years, one can see the dynamics of a family (the big picture) in terms of who has moved in and out of a household, which members of a household are likely to be the same person (in the case of a person changing back and forth between first and middle names, or even nicknames), which members of the household are temporary (as with in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews, boarders), migration paths (as witnessed by the different locations the household is found from one census year to another), or even the possibility that you may have a wrong household in one of the census years (this error can occur in families where cousins with the same name have children with the same name and are more likely to standout when compared against other census years side-by-side).

This form has four (4) columns, each containing 10 spaces for listing individuals in a given household. Taking into consideration that most of the 1890 census was destroyed by fire, in most cases four columns will span the average adult lifespan through census years currently available to the public. Prior to becoming head-of-household or spouse of head-of-household, an individual would be listed on their parents form.

At the top of each column is a space for documenting the year, month and day the census was taken, as well as the state, county, township, enumeration district and page number. It also includes a space to document the NARA microfilm publication number and roll number, and whether you obtained your information by viewing the original census microfilm or scan of microfilm or did you obtain your information from a transcription.

Below the census identification section are 10 boxes for documenting individuals found living in the household at the time that census was taken with spaces for documenting personally identifiable information such as name, relation to head of household, age, place of birth, father's place of birth and mother's place of birth. The first box in each column is a slightly darker shade than the remaining nine boxes, making it easy to identify the head of household at a glance. Although each census documents more information than is indicated on this form, we have only included enough information to enable the researcher to personally identify a person within a household quickly. Census extraction forms are readily available on the Internet for extracting entire census records.

This form makes it easier to track your ancestors over several census years at a glance, comparing information and discrepancies. This form makes it easier to track the dynamics of your ancestors households. Begin an individual when they become head of household or spouse of head of household. Before that, they will be listed on their parents sheet. 

This form comes folded outwardly and punched with three holes to fit a standard 3-ring binder. You can turn the page to view all columns, or unfold the form and lay it out for a full view of all columns at once.

Color: Green
Size: 11" x 17"
20 forms per package

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